volunteers in asia (via)

Position: Global Health Fellow 


  • Delivered a presentation on mental health and mental health stigma in the US to 50+ students, staff, and faculty. 

  • Co-facilitated events for medical students from Asia to meet native English speakers and gain confidence in their language skills. 


  • Collaborated with local universities and health organizations to design and implement a tailored program for 40 medical students from across Asia. 

  • Led discussions on comparative healthcare systems & medical practices with a cohort of 10 students.

Key Takeaway: Everyone has something to offer, but not everyone offers it in the same way. With every discussion, I made an effort to create a space where students felt comfortable sharing their thoughts, whether it be through talking to each other in pairs or small groups, drawing their ideas on a whiteboard, or jotting down their comments on post-it notes. 

Position: Design Thinking for Social Innovation Program Leader


  • Co-taught a ten-week course at Stanford University on the basics of design thinking and how to apply design thinking to education-related issues. 


  • Collaborated with Stanford staff and faculty, as well as VIA staff, to design and facilitate a ten-week course on design thinking and education. This included creating a course syllabus, weekly lesson plans with corresponding lecture slides and interactive activities, and weekly assignments.

  • Collaborated with Stanford staff, VIA staff, and local partners to design and execute a one-week service-learning trip. This included creating daily itineraries, coordinating travel logistics, and facilitating the completion of a final design thinking project. 

Key Takeaway: Some of the most meaningful, teachable moments happen outside of the classroom.