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california education partners

Role: Education And Youth Development Fellow


  • Having my research and writing featured on the National Center for Research in Policy and Practice website! To learn more about my research, click here

  • Having my graphics featured on the two partnership websites: Stanford-SFUSD and Stanford-Sequoia.


  • Conduct qualitative data analysis of interactions within organization's research-practice partnerships (RPPs). 

  • Propose and implement a new, data driven process for documenting partnership interactions.

  • Redesign two partnership websites, hosted on Confluence, to expand their use as knowledge management systems and incorporate user feedback.  

  • Create graphics to convey the partnerships' structure, vision, and mission. 

  • Participate in organization's annual strategic planning meeting and make recommendations on internal processes. 


Key Takeaway: Process documentation is incredibly important. Clear documentation allows us to identify issues, propose improvements, and pass along information, which ultimately leads to a better experience for us and the communities we serve. 

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