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university of california, san francisco

Role: Education Coordinator in the Office of Education and Instructional Services (OEIS) at UCSF School of Pharmacy 


  • Co-creating a series of video modules for students that highlight features of our main learning management system. 



  • Works collaboratively with over 50 faculty and 400 students to evaluate and support teaching and learning.

  • Creates and manages online and print resources for didactic courses, while implementing the School’s guidelines and policies. 

  • Co-leads internal team for the redevelopment of the School’s learning management systems. 

  • Collaborates with campus offices, such as the Office of Student and Curricular Affairs, to support educational initiatives.

  • Supports the Curriculum and Education Policy Committee (CEPC) by taking meeting minutes, restructuring committee Wiki pages, and organizing meetings and retreats. 

Key Takeaway: Undergoing a curriculum transformation can be incredibly rewarding—and incredibly arduous. In particular, there can be significant strain on staff and faculty resources. As a result, it is critical to think about what supports are in place and the culture we are creating within our organizations. 

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